Manage Cash Flows & 

Grow Your Business

Simply enter your transactions & let the spreadsheet do the rest.

Reports are automatically created for financial review & tax preparation.

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Your Key to Easy Bookkeeping

Limited Time Savings!


No hidden costs or monthly fees

Download once & use forever


Know your cash balances &
business income in real time


STOP missing tax deductions
because of lost receipts!


For a limited time, receive our comprehensive small business accounting spreadsheet for only $49.

This spreadsheet was created for start-ups and LLCs that aren't quite ready for expensive software subscriptions with ongoing monthly fees.

You can save $30-$50/month and still track your finances and be ready for tax time.

That's a savings of over $600 per year!



All The Tools You Need
To Track Your Finances

It doesn't get any easier than this for small business owners!

Record transactions in seconds and get immediate access to a profit and loss statement and updated spending graphs.

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Track Your Income & Expenses

Easily enter your income and expense transactions as they happen so you always know your cash balance.

Code your expenses with one click so your totals are ready for review & entry on your Schedule C.

Simple calculations keep you prepared for required quarterly estimated taxes.

Reconcile Your Bank

Many of the free or inexpensive options don't include bank reconciliation tools.

If your cash isn't reconciled, there's no way to ensure it's accurate. Garbage in, garbage out. And that's playing with fire when filing tax returns.

Simply indicate the date each transaction cleared your bank & the spreadsheet does the rest!

See Profits & Losses
at a Glance

You'll be able to see your monthly profits & losses as you enter your data. Allowing you to make more immediate and informed cash flow decisions.

You can also review your financials by quarter and year-to-date. Graphs show you income & expense trends at a glance.

No more wondering if you're making money, or being surprised by your Schedule C during tax season.

Perfect For Sole Proprietors & SMLLCs

This spreadsheet is ideal for the following businesses:

  • One checking account to record & reconcile
  • Cash basis taxpayer
  • No inventory or significant fixed assets to track
  • No credit cards to reconcile
  • Fewer than 100 income or expense transactions per month


Use this spreadsheet year-after-year for additional savings!

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